About ADP Statewide Insurance

Your Protection is Our Profession

ADP Statewide Insurance is your one-stop insurance resource! Insurance isn’t just our business it’s the agency’s passion. ADP Statewide Insurance, a premier agency located in Florham Park, NJ wants to make sure  our clients and their loved ones have the protection they need, with value added, at a price that they can afford! We’ve been in business for over 65 years and we understand that every customer and every situation is unique. Discover the wealth of coverage options available, today!

ADP Statewide Insurance is one of the larger independent insurance agencies in the state of New Jersey and‚ it is‚ the continuing organization for a group of insurance agencies that have been serving the NJ/NY/PA regions for over 65 years. To better serve its regional customers, ADP Statewide Insurance has made insurance not just their business, but their passion. The agency wants to make sure each of their serviced communities‚ are provided with the protection they need, at an affordable price.

Our Mission

ADP/Statewide Insurance Agencies is committed to maintaining its position as a prominent and effective organization dedicated to servicing the insurance needs of its client base that is National in scope with an extensive regional footprint in New Jersey, Coastal South Carolina, Eastern Pennsylvania and the New York Metropolitan Region by providing value added products and services.

This‚ is accomplished by a team of focused professionals intent on providing competent guidance and quality service in an environment where teamwork, loyalty and integrity are fundamental values.